Celebrate Your Legend - Father's Day Cards & Gift Ideas

Celebrate Your Legend - Father's Day Cards & Gift Ideas

Posted on 03 August 2016

With Father’s Day cards and gift ideas racing around The Card Shop of late, it’s got me thinking about my Legend. 

He hasn’t saved the world, fought in any wars, made a ton of money or even climbed a relatively large mountain. But he is a Legend.

He embodies all of the important social aspects of the definition. Loving, warm, bubbly, funny and definitely inappropriate at times. He is my Dad, my Legend.

The evolution of fatherhood has changed and men, who were raised in the 60’s went on to raise their kids in the 80’s a little differently to the way that dads raise their kids today. Yikes that was confusing!

What I am trying to say is what was traditionally expected of “dads” back in the 60’s has significantly changed and these days the role of fatherhood has become balanced with that of a mother. 

The social norm has been pushed in every direction: the dads of today now do yoga, wear spandex for the duration of the day after their morning ride and drink lattes at Saturday morning soccer. They are active, gourmet and always well-groomed. 

Dad doesn’t fit the spandex-wearing or yoga teacher vibe, but he is hard-working, hands on and a fix it yourself, loving battler.

He always put us kids first, pushing us through private school whilst working two jobs in the background. He was then and still is now a really hard worker. Giving us every opportunity he and Mum could afford to give us and inspiring us to pursue our hearts desires, he also practices what he preaches, choosing to chase his own dream and build a successful business on his own. 

Most of all, the best thing about Dad is his sense of humour. Constantly putting on accents, being inappropriate at times & laughing at his own jokes, he always puts a smile on people’s faces. This cheeky nature is what bonds the two of us and reminds me of a story from my childhood.

One day as a teen I decided to skip afternoon history class and headed home early from school. Little did I know Dad had decided to do the same! When I walked through the back door we both looked at each other like a deer in headlights. The look on his face, the look on my face and then the eruption of laughter, as we realised that in the fact, not only had I been caught missing school but I had sprung him eating a pie, watching Judge Judy on the sofa. We still laugh about it till this day, how I caught Dad wagging work and how I got away with it.  

Dad loves us beyond words, he wants us to be happy and would do anything he could for his kids.  As far as I am concerned, this is all you need in a dad. Put Simply, he is my Legend. 

Make sure you swing by The Card Shop or check out our website gifts section for all your Father’s Day cards and gift ideas, to celebrate your Legend this Father’s Day. 


Bryony Tucker, Retail Manager, The Card Shop

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